Bridge Results

SunBird Duplicate Bridge

Lois Schmidt

March scores:

3/03. 1st Larry Schoenborn and Peggy White, 2nd Brian Turner and Carol Phillips, 3rd Jackie Huyghebaert and Mike McDonough

3/10. 1st Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 2nd Peggy White and Larry Schoenborn, 3rd Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt

3/17. 1st Brian Turner and Dianna Wreford, 2nd Shirley Jackson and Karlene Garn, 3rd June Preder and Beth Miller

3/24. 1st Connie Robertshaw and Dolores Kline, 2nd Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 3rd Carol Phillips and Chris Nechvatal

3/31. 1st Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt, 2nd Beth Miller and June Preder, 3rd Barry and Sharon Trojanoski

This was the last session for this year. See you in the fall.

Monday Bridge

Karlene Garn

March winners:

3/07. 1st Carol Phillips, 2nd Deb Jensen, 3rd Toni Onyx

3/14. 1st Barb Ott, 2nd Delores Kvamme, 3rd Dorothy Sykes

3/21. 1st Margaret Erickson, 2nd Fay Lockwood, 3rd Gayle Eskra

3/28. 1st Gayle Eskra, 2nd Brenda Garcia, 3rd Shirley Jackson

Wednesday Bridge

Chris Nechvatal

3/02. 1st June Preder, 2nd Mary Jo Howe, 3rd Toni Onyx

3/09. 1st Toni Onyx, 2nd Chris Nechvatal

3/16. 1st Carol Dawley, 2nd Frank Nechvatal

3/23. 1st Frank Nechvatal, 2nd LaVonne Buland

3/30. 1st Carol Dawley, 2nd Beth Miller

Friday Afternoon Bridge

Dolores Kline

March winners:

3/04. 1st Dorothy Sykes, 2nd Barb Ott, 3rd Shirley Jackson

3/11. 1st Carol Dawley, 2nd Chris Nechvatal, 3rd Delores Kvamme

3/18. 1st Shirley Jackson, 2nd Beth Miller, 3rd Peggy White

3/25. 1st Dolores Kline, 2nd Barb Ott, 3rd Gayle Eskra