Bridge Gala, a Ray of Sunshine

Jim and Sue McCutcheon

Plans for the 2021 Bridge Gala are underway. The date is Feb. 21, 2021, and tickets will go on sale Jan. 11 through Feb. 17. Tickets for the dinner will be $15, and will be sold only in the Horizon Room. Tickets to play will be the usual $5, and will be sold at the various scheduled bridge games. Arrival time is 1:30 p.m. in the Horizon Room. You may purchase your raffle tickets then. One hundred percent of the raffle sales goes toward raffle prizes for that day. The $5 that you paid to participate in the gala also goes for bridge prizes. Be sure to get your tickets so we can have many winners.

There are two choices for dinner: teriyaki chicken or salmon, along with a baked potato, tossed salad, broccoli, roll, beverage, and yummy warm apple-cranberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Gratuity is included in the $15 per person. Due to the COVID restrictions this year, we will not be extending an invitation to your significant other. In the event that the gala is cancelled because of the virus, gala and dinner tickets will be refunded. Come and enjoy a fun afternoon and early evening of play, food, and friendship.

If you have any questions, call Jim or Sue McCutcheon at 480-802-1172.