Men’s Golf Club Publicity and December Newsletter

Scott Moore

Hello to all. I am the new author of the SunBird Men’s Golf Club newsletter. I would like to mention that I beat out at least a handful of other people who showed even a slight interest in taking over these duties that Norm Ott has performed so well for the past seven years. The other candidates, I must admit, were smart enough, though, not to actually ask Patrick any questions about what the duties of the position entailed. Next thing you know, I was declared the winner of this coveted position. So here we go with the first newsletter of the 2020-21 season:

The SunBird Men’s Golf Club would like to invite all golfers who are new or not yet members of the club to consider joining. The Men’s Club provides the opportunity to participate in weekly (Thursday) tournaments which include gross/net stroke play, scrambles, and other formats at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. All events are handicapped, so all skill levels have a chance to win prizes. Membership in the club does require a membership in the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) and its GHIN handicap system. The dues are $50 if paid online at or $55 if paid in the Pro Shop. If dues are not paid until after Dec. 15, the dues will increase to $55 and $60, respectively. For dues or Arizona Golf Association and its GHIN handicap questions, please contact Membership Chairman Fred Garmeson at 480-895-9363. We have heard every now and then that a SunBird golfer is reluctant to join the Men’s Club, only because they already pay GHIN-related dues in a different state. The AGA does have a form that can be filled out to receive a nominal reimbursement for dual-state membership, but this may vary depending on what one’s home state GHIN membership is from.

Typically, all are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the monthly SunBird Men’s Club business meetings that are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the clubhouse ballroom, east end, at 9 a.m. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these monthly meetings are canceled until further notice. The club does have an Executive Committee that continues to meet once a month, and it is our intention to provide an overview of the pertinent discussions to all members through this and other newsletters, bulletins, etc.

Finally, at the end of each monthly newsletter, we will be listing the past month’s Thursday play Net winners. This will hopefully acknowledge those players who just happen to have had the “round of their life,” or something else. Leaning toward the “something else” thought, we will call this the “Sandbaggers Roll Call” section. Not to take away the thunder of these weekly winners, but we will also acknowledge any of the skilled or lucky golfers who achieve the esteemed scores of Ace or Eagle over the past month.

Sandbaggers Roll Call:

Dec. 3: Wayne Onyx/Duane Dub, 58 net (two-man team and won by three strokes!?)

Skilled/Lucky Golfers:

Dec. 3: Fred Nixon, Eagle on hole 6