Pickleball News

Brad Taylor, Lisa Dingeldein, Marianna Buescher, and Dan Buescher

Brad Taylor, Lisa Dingeldein, Marianna Buescher, and Dan Buescher

Suzanne Lipke

Happy New Year 2021 from the SunBird Pickleball Club. We hope everyone is well and ready to have a better year—and play pickleball.

We’d like to say welcome to some new neighbors and pickleball players: Joe and Lisa Dingeldein, Robert Morris, Jeff Seaman, Eileen Sievers, and Brad Taylor. We look forward to lots of fun on the courts with you.

As a reminder, mark your calendars now. The next club meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m., on the courts on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021. Please attend this meeting and bring any questions you may have about playing pickleball at SunBird. Our annual Pickleball Club fee remains at $20 each and is due when you first come back to play this season.

Something new this year is the requirement for a second waiver from the HOA for sports activity. Yes, two waivers—one for pickleball (even if you signed one last year) and one for the HOA. If you’ve already signed an HOA waiver for the gym or any other sports activity, just let us know. Again, questions regarding the waivers, procedures for maintaining our health and safety, and other issues will be addressed at the meeting. This is also your chance to make suggestions and have a group discussion of how to make our club better.

Until then, pickle on!