Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Chuck Heitbrink, HOA Board Secretary

The board of directors had a regular business meeting on Dec. 18 in the ballroom of the clubhouse. The following are notes from this meeting.

Members present: Nancy Eckstein, Dirk Close, Jim Anderson, Dan Buescher, Bob Morris, Chuck Heitbrink, and Manager Layne Varney

The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Nancy Eckstein. There were over 50 residents in attendance. The board reviewed the minutes of the Nov. 20, 2023, business meeting and executive session. No additions or corrections, minutes approved by common consent.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Jim with the year-to-date results through October 2023. Year-to-date revenue of $2,635,866 and expenses of $2,349,771. Revenue over expenses year to date was $385,095. Total cash on hand at month end was $1,578,023 with the following funds:

Operating Account $ 179,944, Contingency Fund $386,107, Reserve Fund $975,995, Capital Improvement Fund $13,475, Community and Golf Fund $22,503. The Treasurer’s Report approved by common consent.

Layne presented the Manager’s Report.

Administration: Thank you to the Decorating Committee, the Garden Club for their weeding efforts, and for all who helped get the 2024 assessments mailed.

Horizon Room: Been a very busy season with many catering events. Many good comments on the food service operation.

Clubhouse: Staff have been very busy setting up and taking down tables and chairs for several events.

Common Area: The Maintenance staff has been trimming shrubs, and the gophers continue to be a nuisance.

Patrol: The City of Chandler Police hosted a crime prevention seminar, and the Chandler Police have a program available for residents when they are on vacation to have their home watched. Residents were encouraged to contact the Chandler Police Department for more details. Patrol continues to monitor the activity at the gates, and if residents notice any issues with the gates or unauthorized vehicles entering, they should report it to Patrol. Patrol is also monitoring all the contractors entering SunBird. Residents were reminded not to give their code to contractors or delivery services. Residents may come to the office and have a new code established.

Activities: Christmas Golf Cart Parade is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 20. The Community Day was very successful, along with the ABBA Holly Jolly Concert. The New Year’s Eve Party is coming up, along with a comedian show in February.

Committee Liaison Reports:

Architectural Control: Dirk reported that in November 44 permits were issued, and 26 have been issued so far for the month of December. The total for the year is 478. Residents were reminded that the weeds continue to be a problem. It is important that any project planned has a permit issued prior to the work beginning.

Finance: The year-to-date financials through October 2023 were presented and reviewed by the committee. This includes the balance sheet and the revenue and expense elements. All variances were reviewed and discussed. Carollyn Hanson has agreed to update the HOA dues benchmark study for 2024 after the new year.

HOA/Golf Board: Nancy reported that the revised MOU was signed by all members of both boards and is posted on the website. The HOA board had previously reviewed and accepted the verbiage of the Pro Shop lease, and Dave White advised that the Golf Course Board had accepted it as written. The cell tower is in the permit phase, and no completion date has been established. The committee will continue to meet during peak season. Project Review: Dan reported that the quilt display case was completed by Bob Top. The new washer and dryer have been purchased, and the electrical and plumbing work has been completed. The committee will be recommending that new Low-E glass for the windows and door in the Lakeview Room be installed.

Rules: Bob discussed the pet areas in the common areas. Residents are reminded to clean up after their pet. The committee has conducted a study on traffic enforcement.

Welcoming & Marketing: Chuck reported that the New Homeowner event is scheduled for Jan. 24, and over 50 residents have indicated they will attend. Several local merchants have agreed to provide door prizes for the event.

Nancy made a motion that the 2024-2028 Pro Shop lease be approved and accepted as written. Dirk seconded. Motion passed 6/0.

Dan made a motion to replace the glass in 14 windows and the door with Low-E insulated glass. Jim seconded. Motion passed 6/0.

Marianna Buescher, Rules Committee chair, presented the results of the Traffic Study. The focus of the study was on the stop sign at the front gate, along with stop signs on the northbound side of Championship at SunBird Boulevard and Augusta. The results of the study will be posted on the website. The board thanked the committee for their extensive work.

Nancy advised the residents of the lack of progress on the current court case filed by a resident concerning the CC&R raising the new home sales by $300 for the Community and Golf Fund.

Homeowners’ comments were made at the meeting and were either answered by the board or will be communicated back to the individual who raised the question at the meeting. Jim thanked the community for their support during his term as treasurer and encouraged residents to work together to maintain SunBird the community they moved here for. The board and residents gave him a round of applause for his service to the community.

Other board members thanked the residents for attending and wished them a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

Nancy advised the residents that after a short break, the board would reconvene with the new board members in attendance for the organizational meeting. With no further business, she adjourned the meeting at 10:52 a.m.

At 11:01 a.m. the board was called to order for the organizational meeting by President Nancy Eckstein.

Congratulations to Dave Edington and Bob Lama for their election to the HOA board of directors and to Chuck Heitbrink for his reelection to the board.

The board voted to elect the following officers:

Nancy Eckstein – President, Dirk Close – Vice President, Chuck Heitbrink – Treasurer, Dave Edington – Secretary.

Nancy distributed a list of the 2024 HOA board of directors meeting schedule. It was announced that committee liaisons would be appointed at the January board meeting. Dirk read the Board of Directors Pledge, and it was signed by all the board members. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

The next scheduled board of directors meeting is scheduled for Feb. 26, 2024, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom. The annual membership meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 4, 2024, at 7 p.m.