Traffic Safety

The number-one priority of the Rules Compliance Committee (RCC) is safety. At each committee meeting, we discuss traffic safety. One goal of the committee is to prevent traffic accidents (car, golf cart, bike, and pedestrian) by driving awareness on the importance of traffic safety throughout the community.

At the November 2023 RCC meeting, the committee decided to collect data by monitoring various intersections to determine where safety hazards exist. We determined where the main areas of concern were located (primarily Championship Drive) and times of the day that traffic was the most dangerous. We received input from concerned residents, as well as Patrol.

We observed traffic for a total of 28 man hours. We determined that about 75% of cars and 57% of golf carts “stop” at these intersections when being monitored.

The intersection that has been identified by all committee members and Patrol as the most dangerous is the front gate. When the light at Riggs and Championship is green, many drivers see no stop signs at SunBird Blvd. or Augusta. These drivers accelerate through the intersections in the hopes of “making the light.” Steps will be taken to “enhance” the stop signs at the front gate (both on Augusta and Championship) to ensure the signs are more noticeable upon approach. Other intersections have been identified by committee members as high potential for an accident. These intersections will be reviewed, and we will monitor the most dangerous of these intersections. Additionally, we will look at the timings of lights and other traffic calming measures.

Accidents do happen; however, they are avoidable, particularly if everyone stops at the stop signs and looks both ways (remember, pedestrians walk facing oncoming traffic) prior to proceeding. It is up to all of us to do our part to prevent accidents in our community.

If anyone would like to volunteer to join our traffic monitoring efforts, review our plan to date with statistics, or attend an RCC meeting, please contact the HOA office or Marianna Buescher at [email protected].

Thank you to our amazing committee members for spending their time monitoring traffic in the neighborhood. These members are Fran Stewart, Judy Featherstone, Kathy Long, Lisa Kittredge (thanks to Don as well), and Marianna Buescher.