Board meeting notes

The meeting was called to order by President Gordon Lee at 10:00 a.m. All board members were present; Gordon Lee, Dee Brown-Knoeppel, Don Calvert, Nancy Eckstein, Shirley Clark, Pat McGonegle, Chuck Warren and Layne Varney.

Minutes review and approval of April 24, 2017, business and executive meetings, May 8, 2017, Agenda Planning and executive meetings.

Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Eckstein

Manager’s Report – Layne Varney

The Manager’s Report was received as presented.

Committee Liaison reports:

Shirley Clark reported the Going Green Committee did not meet in May; the next meeting will be in September.

Don Calvert reported the Rules Compliance Committee met on May 1; discussion on SunBird use of facilities for outside groups; newspaper articles; Wanda Gastineau, James Gascoyne and Judith Curtis will meet with the committee at the June 5 meeting.

Delores Brown-Knoeppel reported the Project Review and Long-Range Planning Committee met on April 24; new committee membership list; home sales; ballroom and landscaping; Horizon Room kitchen remodel project; thank you to the Garden Club; exploring options for emergency lighting; Sawgrass Drive and Waterview Drive parking review; Pickleball Club size and schedule; next meeting will be held September 7 at 1:00 p.m.

Pat McGonegle reported the Architectural Control Committee will meet once a month during the summer on the second Wednesday of the month; homeowners are continuing to get permits to get homes in shape.

Chuck Warren reported the Marketing Committee will be scheduling another new homeowners’ breakfast in the fall.

Nancy Eckstein reported the Finance Committee met on May 2; HOA delinquencies are low; Horizon Room operating at a profit; activities for ballroom during kitchen renovation; rules for outside activities; Planning Committee project; next meeting will be June 6.

Rules Compliance Committee made a recommendation to limit non-SunBird residents on joining SunBird recreational clubs. After discussion, Chuck Warren made a motion to not encourage people who do not reside at SunBird to come here to use our recreational facilities unless they are house guests. Vote: 4/3. Motion did not carry but the concept is still under review.

Architectural Control Committee made recommendations concerning the development of guidelines for the installation of surveillance equipment and cameras. Don Calvert made a motion to approve the surveillance equipment/cameras recommendation. Vote: 7/0 Passed

The Architectural Control Committee made a recommendation to decrease the length of time and repeat offenders for notice and non-compliance of weeds and unsightly landscaping. Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to approve the weeds and unsightly landscaping recommendation. Vote: 7/0 Passed

Election Committee 2017 membership was advertised, and the following homeowners expressed interest in serving on this committee: Jim Brandon, Joan Bruening, Dave Davis, Barb Davis, Gil Knudson, Shirley Knudson, Jeanne Lewis, Barb Ott and Marlene Scartozzi. Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to approve the membership appointments. Vote: 7/0 Passed

Finance Committee met with the insurance broker to review SunBird coverages and possible areas of concern. It was recommended that cyber theft insurance be considered. Three bids were obtained for this coverage. Nancy Eckstein made a motion for SunBird Golf Resort to purchase cyber theft insurance from NAS for $1,000,000 coverage at a yearly cost of $1,558. Vote: 7/0 Passed

Cooper Common HOA requested assistance with legal fees in attempting to resolve birds and mosquitos coming from the Roosevelt Water Council District retention lakes. It was reported just before the meeting that Cooper Commons decided not to pursue this with the attorneys. Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion that SunBird Golf Resort not participate in the project. Vote: 7/0 Passed

Golf Club Pro Shop lease contract is expiring the end of this year and has been requested for renewing by the SunBird Golf Club. Chuck Warren made a motion to approve the Pro Shop lease to the SunBird Golf Club from January 1, 2018, and continue through December 31, 2019, with periods of one-year increments shall be optional thereafter and subject to the conditions of lease agreement. Vote: 7/0 Passed

Board of Director Committee had been reviewing bylaws for updating and revision. After a presentation by Nancy Eckstein, Delores Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to approve the SunBird bylaw revisions as presented. Vote: 7/0 Passed

Layne Varney reported on the Board of Director tour with input from the Directors.

Comment Sheets – Layne Varney

Homeowner and Board of Director Comments provided

President Gordon Lee adjourned the meeting at noon.

The next board meeting will be an Agenda Planning meeting on Monday, September 11, at 10:00 a.m. and a Business meeting on Monday, September 25, at 10:00 a.m.