Attention! Attention!

SunBird Patrol

Have you noticed the new traffic signs around the community? In an effort to keep everyone safe in our neighborhood, we have placed some new signage around on the streets. Don’t get too used to where they are located, as some of the new signs are moveable and could pop up anywhere and have a different message on them. So, stay tuned and keep your eyes up and your phone put down.

So, just to refresh everyone’s memory on the speed limits throughout our community:

25 mph: S. Championship Drive from E. Riggs Road south to Hunt Highway and S. Pebble Beach Drive from E. Augusta Avenue to E. La Costa Drive

15 mph: All other side streets throughout the community

10 mph: E. Waterview Drive from S. Championship Drive to the post office parking lot and S. SunBird Boulevard from the end of the center island by the clubhouse to E. Waterview Drive

Please help the patrol help you keep our community safe by following the speed limits and stop signs. Keep in mind that just because you don’t see anyone coming at a stop sign does not change the shape of the sign from an octagon to a triangle (stop to a yield).

Let’s all have a safe and fun winter season.