Art Club news

Sharon Eade

As November arrives, SunBird is settling in to that wonderful pace of life that attracted us here. So many activities to choose from and so many great friends to share them with. The Art Club is a fine example of that.

Creating and experiencing art is an innate quality I believe most of us are born with. Some have what we all look at as a gift for being an artist, but as I study that concept, it is clear that the joy and desire is the true gift. Continuing to learn comes from exposing ourselves to others who share knowledge and techniques, but also it actually happens by just doing it! It can be a very humbling experience as we experiment and grope to capture life and the excitement of the world around us. But picking up a pencil or brush brings an anticipation and awareness of what we see and a heightened awe that can sometimes be lost in the everyday. Seeking out new inspiration and quality art instruction adds to that experience as we see growth in our outcomes. How fortunate that our Art Club is able to expose us to instructors who help us grow and even more importantly, each other as we share a journey together .