Adopt a Neighbor: Volunteers Needed

Bonnie, Community Administrator

I am looking for a few kind men or women who would be able to help people in SunBird who cannot help themselves. We have a few people in our community who, for whatever reason (health or physically not capable), sometimes are not able to remove their weeds or are not capable of bending over to pick their dead weeds. A few of them can spray their weeds, but cannot get down on the ground to remove them. Sometimes they might need an errand run or medication picked up from the pharmacy. It might also be a beeping smoke alarm. There really are just a handful of these people in our community.

If I could get a few names of willing and capable volunteers on a list and call you when there is a need for help, it would probably only be a couple of times a year. Please call Bonnie at 480-802-4901 to adopt a neighbor, and let me know what you are capable of doing.

Thank you in advance for helping our neighbors out.