Observations from Library Volunteers

Jo Frasure

One can’t be in the library very long before you hear, “We have a wonderful library,” from someone walking by or browsing shelves.

Our donations cover a wide range of reading interests, so you will find groupings for:

• Large Print

• War

• Mystery

• Biography/Autobiography

• Nonfiction

• Religion

• Western

• Romance

When we receive more than two copies of a title, we donate the books to other libraries. Sometimes we receive so many books, so you’ll see an area of “Free Books.”

A notice is posted of books we do not need from your collections. Before you bring your book donations, take time to read it before dropping off unneeded books. Thank you!

Lastly, our puzzle selection has been reorganized by one of our volunteers, and you will be so impressed by how orderly they are again. Thanks, Diane!