A Big Thank You to the Fruit Pickers

Bonnie, Community Administrator

For the last four years, we have had a team of volunteer homeowners who would go out every Tuesday and would pick homeowners’ fruit who needed assistance. Every Tuesday morning for the past four months, residents would be waiting patiently for the fruit to arrive in the clubhouse. This fruit was shared with many homeowners.

This team would come back with torn shirts and bloody wounds, like they were coming home from war. This is why it is so important for you to have your fruit trees thinned out and trimmed. This will also provide a bigger yield of fruit from your trees.

As of April 1, they have picked 133 citrus trees:

46 grapefruit trees

32 lemon trees

53 orange trees

2 tangerine trees

I would like to thank the following team members for their hard work:

Bill Ley

Ed Hennek

Gup Stein

Kendall Ronning

Loren Top

Mark Vernon

Peter Manley

Dick Alsop

Fran Stewart

Joyce Mehew

Kraig Erickson and son-in-law

Mark Hall

Mary Tyler

Rick Porwoll

I would also like to thank Karen and Mark Hall for providing the juice-up party for the volunteers at their home. Fun was had by all. If you would be interested in joining this great team of volunteers, please call Bonnie at 480-802-4901 with your email address. They pick January through April.