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Prevent pets from fleeing in fright

(Family Features) Summer social gatherings and celebrations can add up to a lot of fun for humans, but it’s an equation that may test the limits for a fearful pet. The break in day-to-day consistency and the chaos that comes with festivities can cause pets to escape in search of solace, which often times results…

Be kind; no poo!

  ACC Committee Eww, did you just step in what you think you stepped in? One of the great things about SunBird is that it’s pet friendly. But problems do arise when irresponsible pet owners allow their pets to leave their calling cards around others’ property. One of the most common forms of disease transmission…

Sun Lakes Animal Clinic under new ownership

Sun Lakes Animal Clinic has changed ownership. Dr. Ashley Greenway recently purchased the clinic after the previous owner, Dr. Walker, passed away. The clinic will continue to operate at the same location under a new name, Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic. More information can be found at the clinic’s new website, www.slcac.com.