Safety Rules for Pet Owners

Marianna Buescher, Rules Compliance Chair

Dear SunBird Golf Resort Residents (including renters):

Many SunBird residents are pet owners. In addition to our own pets, we enjoy several different types of wildlife here in Chandler, such as coyotes, roadrunners, gophers, Canada geese, ducks, widgeons, hummingbirds, rabbits, pigeons, and even owls. On the less attractive side, we have roof rats, feral cats, skunks, and an occasional snake.

Animals in general are a wonderful addition to living here at SunBird, but we must be vigilant to avoid attracting the unwanted ones. In addition, we would like to remind our pet owners that they should not leave pet food outside. The odor from the various types of dog and cat food, both wet and dry, are sought out by many unwanted animals. Outside storage of pet food should be in plastic bins or containers, not bags or sacks.

There is a state law prohibiting the feeding of wildlife. Residents should not be feeding wild animals, including birds (hummingbird feeders are okay), stray animals, or any other type of beast, as it can create an unhealthy safety risk. Residents should keep their pets in their own yards and have them on a six-foot leash when walking. These simple rules will help keep SunBird clean and beautiful. Additionally, please pick up after your pet.

Feel free to contact the Rules Compliance Committee with any questions or clarifications.