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Bonnie Marcus (Weed Witch), Community Administrator We are now officially in monsoon season. This time of year we can expect warmer temperatures, heavy winds, thunderstorms, dust storms, rain and weeds. The winds can cause breakage of limbs and trees that have not been maintained. Trees and limbs can fall and cause property damage to your…

Agave plant

Close-up of the agave death stalk.

Barb Valentine I know it’s common to see all the “death stalks” on the agave, but this plant is monstrous! It’s located on the corner of Sawgrass and Doral in the SunBird Golf Resort.

It’s time to trim your palm trees

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator Just a friendly reminder that as summer is approaching us it is time to have your palm trees trimmed. Pruning should be performed no more than once a year if done, preferably at the end of June or July. Please determine if it is time for you to prune your palm…