Garden Club News

Laurie Doyle

The Garden Club has been busy working throughout the community while keeping safe and abiding by the COVID restrictions. We had a successful plant sale on Community Garage Sale day, of plants we propagate and nurture throughout the year. We also sold several sets of 2020 Golf Ball Allium flowers. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to support the Garden Club. We appreciate you. All proceeds go back to maintain and improve the gardens of SunBird.

The intense summer heat took a toll on the several agave plants and numerous barrel cacti along the golf course and common area gardens. The Garden Club would like to thank Mark and Karen Hall for supplying five barrel cacti from their yard, and Dolly White for coordinating the donation. Golf Course Superintendent, Brendan Waddell, and golf maintenance worker, Juan, helped in planting the cacti by the bridge on hole number 8 and behind the green on hole number 11. It certainly takes a village to make everything run smoothly and continue to look beautiful.