SunBird Pickleball Club celebrates the end of season with Tournament and BBQ

SunBird Lady Niners host home and home

Basic Social Dance Classes available “Walk In, Dance Out”

Chandler SunBird Lions Club Food Drive highlights

SunBird Lady Niners host home and home

Back nine winners were Joann Brown, Pam VanLaningham, Rosie Raisanen and Marlys Buss. Front nine winners were June Yates, Paula Neuser, Rayleen Knight and Lorraine Brammer. The SunBird Lady Niners…

Who? Who?

This cutie was found in the backyard of George and Margaret Spencer!

George and Margaret Spencer found a newborn horned owl nesting in the palm trees in the back yard of their home in SunBird. The Animal Game and Fish Department relocated the baby owl to raise and protect it to be set free later when ready. The mother owl still resides in SunBird.

This, That & Other Stuff

Bob Neuman Our world would certainly be much bleaker without music. It can entertain, inspire, comfort, produce happiness and evoke nostalgia. Sometimes it may force us to focus an introspective look at something. Irving Berlin wrote inspirational songs during World War I that promised aid to England and France. An example was his Over There.…

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U.S. Marine Corps celebrates its 240th Birthday

Jim Harkins and Sun Lakes resident Dave Lott are prepared for their upcoming roles in the program.

Denise Lott Each year on November 10 the U.S. Marine Corps celebrates throughout the world their founding birthday 240 years ago. Sun Lakes is no exception. The Marines from the East Valley Marines Detachment 1296 held their annual Birthday Ball in November at the Oakwood Country Club. This year’s guest of honor was William L.…