Footnotes from the library


Lois Anderson

As we are about to end 2018, we need to keep our patrons advised of small changes in our library. One of the baskets on the counter is for travel brochures. Most are about cruises, but there are a few about foreign travel on land as well as in the USA. We try to keep only those that are timely and may help you choose your next adventure. They may be taken home, but please return them after you have made your travel choices so others may use them also.

Another basket is for catalogues. Again, we try to keep only those that are timely and, yes, you may take these home also but, again, bring them back when you are finished using them if the catalogue date is still current. Please note that if you use these to purchase items, it is at your own risk. SunBird Library neither recommends nor endorses any items for sale in these catalogues.

We still have a Sports section. It is on the smaller shelves facing the south windows. There is a red tag on the back covers of books belonging to this section which includes most sports and many sports athletes, past and present. Pickleball rules are in a notebook in this section as well.

Although health and wellness practices change regularly, we still have a small section of books and magazines on diabetes, arthritis, heart health, exercising and eating well. These items are also on the shelves facing the south windows. We are trying to keep some materials of a general nature to help those with health questions or problems, but the best advice is to have regular check-ups with your doctor to determine the best way for you to keep fit. Remember, SunBird has a Fitness Room for a reason, and if you use it, that may be a good place to start your personal goals for good health.

If you have donations, we welcome Fiction, Non-Fiction, War, Westerns, Large Print, Biographies, Religious Fiction, jigsaw puzzles and current magazines and brochures. If a volunteer is not available, please give your items to someone in the HOA office. We work on Friday mornings and collect those donations for our library at that time. Shelving books is done any time, and workdays for adding books to our collection are Friday mornings. We welcome volunteers to join us. Just call Nancy at 480-802-7144 and join our happy throng.