Windows 10 Built-In Diagnostic Tools

Katie Gertz

Katie Gertz

Helen Seaton, Public Relations Director

The next virtual meeting of Computer Booters will be on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, beginning at 10 a.m. Please note the change in time for this meeting only. Our speaker will be Katie Gertz.

Windows has continually improved over the years, and Windows 10 is the best, by far, of all previous versions. Not only is it 100% more stable, but it also has a tremendous amount of tools built inside of Windows itself for the average user to diagnose and repair situations that may arise. This presentation will show how to access these tools and show you how easy it is to repair common mishaps without having to call a technician or take your computer to the Geek Squad.

Katie Gertz started Kate’s Computer Clinic in January, 2000, after an early retirement from AT&T. Most of Katie’s career at AT&T was in the IT Department, working with mainframe systems. Katie has been working with personal computers since they came onto the market in the mid-1980s. She has a BS and an MBA in business administration. Her business includes making “house calls” to set up new computers, networks, repair/replace computer parts; in other words, anything relating to the personal computer. She is known to her customers as “Dr. Kate.” Katie is extremely knowledgeable on both the Windows and Apple Mac platforms. She teaches many computer classes at various active senior communities around the Valley.

We will continue to have virtual Computer Booters meetings on Zoom on the first Wednesday of the month until we can meet face-to-face again. Our club has many things to offer members, such as free technical assistance, information about new programs, how to use the programs, Microsoft classes, and access to talks and conferences on a variety of topics from APCUG (Association of Personal Computer User Groups). The APCUG classes are free and can be attended using your computer, tablet, or phone with the app. These classes are an exciting benefit for club members. More information and help are available in the newsletter and on our website For more information, contact [email protected] or 480-895-2196.