Looking Forward to New Beginnings

Richard Volpe

The Desert Navy thanks you for your patience and welcomes all into the new year, looking forward to a new beginning filled with positive progress in our constant battle with the coronavirus. Based on the size of our organization, we still have not reached a comfort level where we can resume our normal scheduling. For our current membership, be assured that things are being monitored closely, and as soon as any major changes come about, you will all be contacted via our normal method of distribution.

During normal times, our meetings are held at the SunBird Community Center, on the lower level in the Lakeview Room. The meetings typically start at 11 a.m. on the third Friday of each month during the months of September through May. All Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine Veterans are always welcome. At present, we have chosen to remain in a “holding pattern” as a club, due to the continued spreading of the coronavirus, plus the vulnerability associated with larger-than-normal crowds, and the guidelines regulating activities during this dangerous epidemic.

If you have any questions regarding our club, please feel free to call Rich at 480-802-2532. I’m sure he would be happy to fill you in on further details and answer any questions you may have  regarding the club and its activities.

Have a great day, and we wish you all a year of good health and a safe environment to look forward to.