Who Am I? What Is My Identity?

Recently, our speaker Gus Chaydez challenged all of us at the Community Church of SunBird (CCSB) to take a fresh look at our life and ask ourselves some hard questions as we begin 2022. Questions such as: What makes up my identity? Is it taught or learned or inherent or assigned or predestined? Can it, or does it change? Is my identity wrapped up in the core beliefs from my youth? Does my identity evolve and grow with cultural changes or the political correctness of the times? Does my identity come from the world around me or from a larger worldview? What does the Bible say about my identity?

At CCSB we strive to make sure our identity is always in Christ. What exactly does that mean? Join us at the Community Church of SunBird on Sundays at 9 a.m. in the ballroom, to discover how to find an identity in Christ that will bring you peace, joy, and fellowship.

February is our Clothing Drive for the Latin American Church in Downtown Chandler. We will have a large box in the breezeway near the ballroom/clubhouse entrance for collection. Please join us as we gather clothing to bless those who need a helping hand.

Thanks for your help! Hope to see you soon at CCSB.