Where Is Your Voice?

Throat, Brow, and Crown chakras

Julia Norton, Chakra Healing Practitioner, Reflexologist

My November article gave some information on four of the seven major chakras in our bodies. Chakras are areas of energy with a frequency that vibrates to keep us in balance in body, mind, and spirit. If they aren’t flowing correctly, we are out of balance and may have issues with the corresponding body parts or mental imbalance.

From the November article, the Root chakra is at the base of the spine and regulates our will to live, security, and trust. The body parts are the pelvis, bones, large intestines, nails, and teeth. The Sacral chakra located just below the navel is associated with sexuality, fertility, and creativity. The body parts are the sexual organs, kidneys, bladder, and blood circulation. The Solar Plexus chakra located just above the navel is the center of will power, personality, and self-control. The digestion, small intestine, liver, and autonomic nervous system are the body parts that coincide with the Solar Plexus chakra. The Heart chakra at the center of the chest at heart level radiates love, empathy, and humanity. The heart, lungs, blood, arms, and hands are what the Heart chakra governs.

This month, I will be discussing the last three chakras of the seven major chakras.

The Throat chakra, Visuddha, is located at the base of the throat at the V in the collar bone, the larynx area. It governs our communication, truth, and our inspiration. The body parts associated with the Throat chakra are the throat, neck, esophagus, windpipe, shoulders, and the jaw. The thyroid and parathyroid glands are the main organs that are associated with this chakra. If you have an issue of the inability to express yourself or shyness, these can be related to an imbalance of the Throat chakra, as well as thyroid ailments, neck pain, and speech defects. The color for the Throat chakra is a light to medium blue, and the mantra is Ham. One of the affirmations that can be used to balance this chakra is, “I freely express who I am, creating heaven on earth.”

The Brow, Third Eye, or Ajna is located in the middle of the forehead. Its sensory function is reason, intuition, perception, and fantasy. The body parts associated with the Brow chakra are the cerebellum, nervous system, hormonal system, eyes, ears, nose, and sinuses. The physical disorders can range in headaches, sinusitis, poor concentration, learning disabilities, and anxiety. The color that is associated with the Brow chakra is indigo (dark blue), Sham is the mantra, and the affirmation that can help balance the Brow chakra is, “I receive all that I need to create my purpose.”

The Crown chakra or Sahasrara is located at the very top of the head. The Crown’s function is cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, spirituality, self-realization, and the connection with the Divine. This chakra regulates the brain and the entire organism. The gland is the pineal gland, which regulates serotonin and melatonin. The physical disorders can be cancer, immune system disorders, and chronic illness. This chakra is the connection to the Divine and is where a beautiful white or gold light comes in from our higher self during meditation. The color associated with the Crown chakra is lavender or white, the mantra is OM, and the affirmation is, “I ask for help.” We ask our Divine, ancestors, angels, and guides for help through meditation, affirmations, and other spiritual work. Our prayers go from our mind to our heart and out to the receiver of the prayer.

There are several ways to balance our chakras. This should be done on a regular basis to help keep us whole and healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The more movement that your energy has, the healthier your body feels.

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