What Is Overseeding on Golf Courses?

Brendan Waddell, Golf Course Superintendent

A golf course term we hear this time of year is “overseeding,” and it refers to a maintenance process in which the course is mowed down to a very low height and grass seed is spread on top of the existing grass to promote new growth or to swap out seasonal turfs. Overseeding is generally done on courses that use bermudagrass, which goes dormant during the winter months.

In the past, SunBird has overseeded the tees, fairways, greens, and the roughs on holes 1, 9, and 10. This year, we are overseeding everything, with the plan to have green grass on every hole! For residents living on the golf course—be prepared for an amazing view!

This year’s overseeding begins on Monday, Oct. 12, so get out that honey-do list, because you will have a couple weeks to get them done! Our planned opening date is Wednesday, Oct. 28, depending on weather. We will keep you informed if dates change. We expect the process to go as planned.

My first overseeding at SunBird is also the 27th overseeding in my career, and I am looking forward to doing it here. It is great to see the change in the grass. Plus, it means cooler weather is on the way.