Thank You, Residents!

Julie Anderson, Secretary/Treasurer, SunBird Golf Club

A huge shout out to all our generous SunBird residents who so graciously contributed to the annual overseed fund! To date, we have received over $14,000 from approximately 165 residents—golfers and non-golfers. You can read more about this annual undertaking in our course superintendent’s message, but in short, the annual overseeding takes place in October to “green up” the golf course. Our main grass, Bermuda, goes dormant when the temperatures start to drop, about the same time all our snowbird friends return to enjoy a season of fun and friendship. If we did not plant an annual rye grass, our lush green golf course would be completely brown. About the time our snowbirds head back north in April, our Bermuda grass springs back to life, providing a green landscape during the hot summer months.

The annual overseeding project is expensive. Last year, the grass seed alone was over $30,000. We, the SunBird Golf Club, appreciate each and every person who donated to help offset this cost. If you enjoy the green-grass greeting you receive as you drive through SunBird and you would like to donate to our overseeding fund, you may drop a check off at the Pro Shop or mail a check to SunBird Golf Club, Inc., at 6240 S. SunBird Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85249. Just write “Overseed Fund” in the memo section.

Again, thank you for your generosity! The SunBird Golf Club Board: President Dave White, Vice President Duane Dub, Recording Secretary Gary Popelka, Treasurer Julie Anderson, Director Wayne Onyx, Director Jean Pritchard, and Director Larry Schuster.