Welcome Snowbirds and Visitors

Chris Nechvatal

Now that there are more residents in SunBird, please take your time while driving through the community. The speed limit in all of Unit 1A is 10 miles per hour, and the same on Waterview and around the clubhouse. All other areas of SunBird have a 25-mile-an-hour speed limit.

Did you know that there are several Stop signs around the community? Check them out! These signs are not suggestions. They are the law! So, follow the law as you drive your vehicle (car, golf cart, or motorcycle) through the community.

Also, watch out for pedestrians, bikers, and golf carts, especially at night. Walkers and bikers need to wear or carry some sort of illumination. Golf carts have lights. Bicyclists and golf cart owners without turn signals need to use a hand signal when turning a corner.

Please keep these rules in mind as you travel through SunBird, and keep everyone and yourself safe in 2023 and beyond.