Welcome New SunBird Neighbors

Gary and Suzanne Popelka

1548 E. Indian Wells Dr.

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

They enjoy playing golf, cards and music.

Jon and Fay Sampson

6920 S. Troon Dr.

Hometown: Duluth, MI

They have been married for 50 years and have three children.

Jan Myers

1542 E. Palm Beach Dr.

Hometown: Lafayette, IN

Jan is single and has two children. She enjoys dancing, cooking, reading, traveling and watching TV.

Donald and Betty Nobiling

Box 105

Hometown: Westside, IA

Don and Betty are long-time renters of SunBird. They have been married for 55 years, have three children, 10 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. They have enjoyed all aspects of living in SunBird.

Don and Rae Tianea

6330 S. Tournament Ln.

They have been married for 46 years and have five children. They enjoy wood carving, stained glass and many more activities.

Richard and Janet Porter

1911 E. Augusta Ave.

Hometown: Ohio

They have been married for 52 years and have four children.

Fern and Sid Stoffer

1830 E. Doral Dr.

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Fern and Sid have been married for 39 years and have two children. Fern enjoys Mah Jongg, Scrabble and Pickleball and Sid enjoys computers, biking, walking and golf.

John and Karen Barnett

1703 Augusta

John and Karen have been married for 53 years and have two children. They enjoy music.