Welcome New Neighbors

Jeff and Cindy Northrup

6190 S. Pebble Beach Road

Hometown/State: Jeff was born in New Jersey, and Cindy was born in Alabama

Jeff and Cindy have been married for 28 years and have six children. Their interests include maritime, antiques, quilting, and travel.

Esther Marlatt

1903 E. Buena Vista Drive

Hometown/State: Julesburg, Colo.

Esther is divorced and has one child.

Keith and Nancy Moore

6350 S. Pebble Beach Drive

Hometown/State: Woodbury, Minn.

Keith and Nancy have been married 31 years and have two children. Their interests include golf, water aerobics, pickleball (learning), and cards.

James W. Chase

12492 Gwen Drive, Unit 1

Hometown/State: Burlington, Wash.

James was married for 45 years and has three children. He enjoys golf.

Craig Zubchevich

6170 S. Pebble Beach Drive

Hometown/State: Mountain Home, Ark.

Craig has two children. His interests include golf and playing the guitar.

Jane Dulla

1822 E. Riviera Drive

Hometown/State: Woodstock, Ill.

Jane has one child. She enjoys walking her dog and reading.

Dave and Sue DeBlois

1506 E. La Costa Drive

Hometown/State: Warren, R.I.

Dave and Sue have been married 48 years and have two children. They enjoy having fun!

Deborah Carlson

1960 E. Augusta Avenue

Hometown/State: Salem, Mass.

Deborah is divorced and has one child. She is a dog owner and enjoys swimming, reading, hiking, and exercise.