Welcome New Neighbors

Mark and Cindy Lastovica

1880 E. Augusta Avenue

Hometown/State: Omaha (Mark)/Mesa (Cindy)

Mark and Cindy have been married for two years and have eight children.

Their interests include WeekendMissions.com and RV travel.

Kim Kaminski

6962 S. Championship Drive

Hometown/State: Wisconsin

Kim has two children.

Larry and Dianne Freitag

1521 E. Colonial Drive

Hometown/State: Eden Prairie, MN

Larry and Dianne have been married for 55 years and have four children.

Their interests include construction and decorating.

Mike Franklin

6916 S. Troon Drive

Hometown/State: Dearborn, MI

Mike has three children. He enjoys building things, fixing things and using tools.

Frank Principati

1968 E. Augusta

Hometown/State: Beaver Falls, PA

Frank is single and has two daughters. He is active in all sports.