Welcome New Neighbors

Darlene Preston

1781 E. Doral Drive

Hometown/State: Chandler, AZ

Darlene is divorced and has three children.

Vicki Hicks

6351 S. Oakmont Drive

Hometown/State: Berkley, MI

Vicki is a widow. She has a son who is deceased, one daughter and one step-daughter. Her interests include camping, bingo and casinos.

Richard and Evelyn Hanley-Bacon

1961 E. Doral Drive

Hometown/State: New York and Massachusetts

Richard and Evelyn have been married for 15 years and have no children. They enjoy golf, travel and arts and crafts.

Thomas E. and Carol S. Gourlay

2264 Hickory Circle Drive

Hometown/State: Howell, MI

Thomas and Carol have been married for 47 years and have two children. They enjoy playing pickleball.

Giovanna Alaimo

1799 E. Torrey Pines Lane

Hometown/State: Poulsbo, WA

Giovanna is not currently married and has two children. She enjoys music, cooking and well-being exercises.

Mark and Linda Tilton

6753 S. Tournament Lane

Hometown/State: Kettle Falls, WA

Mark and Linda have been married 48 years and have two children. Their interests include classic cars.

Eleanor Mead

1541 E. Augusta Ave.

Hometown/State: Portage, MI

Eleanor is a widow and has three children.