SunBird Lions Club food drive


Marilyn Hespel

The SunBird Lions Club held a food drive at Albertson’s grocery store on the corner of Riggs and Gilbert on April 7, 2018. Non-perishable food items, toiletries and cash were collected. The patrons were very generous. The club was able to deliver 406 pounds of goods and $410 in gift cards to AZCEND. AZCEND is a food bank located in downtown Chandler.

The Lions Club does several of these drives each season. This season, we were able to have three of these drives. The season total was $1,320 in gift cards and 1,112 pounds of goods. Safeway and Albertson’s have been very supportive of these projects. AZCEND is very thankful for the club’s assistance. If you came by Safeway or Albertson’s during these drives this season, we want to thank you for your generosity.