Trimming Palm Trees

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

With summer approaching, it is almost time to begin trimming your palm trees. Please do not do them too early. The end of June and July are the recommended months for trimming palm trees. If you are not here, please make arrangements to have someone trim your trees. The palm flowers and seeds will be coming out in May and June, and it is important to wait until they have bloomed. The high winds and heavy rains that occur during the monsoon season can play havoc with untrimmed palms and other trees, leaving unsightly debris throughout the community and, in some instances, even causing damage to neighboring properties. Please take the time now to ensure your palms and other landscaping reflect the clean and neat appearance specified by the governing documents of SunBird.

The HOA office maintains a service list, which includes landscapers. Please feel free to stop by the clubhouse and pick up a copy of the list. It is readily available just outside the office window and offers many useful contacts to a variety of other services. You can also call Bonnie at the office at 480-802-4901 for recommendations.

As always, thank you for your efforts towards maintaining the beautiful surroundings of SunBird. Together, we can ensure SunBird remains one of the most attractive and desirable communities in the area.