Tips From The Pro

July is over and the Fourth of July Tournament is in the books. We had 60 players for this year and divided into three Flights. The players all seemed to enjoy the day and we had a couple new faces to our Tournament play from Data Doctors who are going to try and be a regular team in future tournaments. I want to thank all the players that came out that morning and spent their holiday with us. The temperature was up but the enthusiasm was up also- so once again thank you for your time.

So far with the extended hours in the Pro Shop it has been successful. We have been seeing an increase in rounds played and merchandise sales over last year. The Tuesday afternoon league has still been drawing a group of 16-20 players each week. If you are interested in playing, the sign-up sheet is in the hallway outside the Pro Shop. The Golf 18 tee time booking site has been good and given us leads, golfers and access to more players. This next season should be more successful due to the extra exposure to outside players.

The golf course is looking better every day and in the Pro Shop we hear a lot of good compliments about Marc and his crew, so here are some more kudos for the guys. If you have any comments, questions or concerns remember we can be contacted by email, phone or if you would like drop off a comment in our comment box in the Pro Shop.

Have a great summer,