From the Superintendent’s Desk

Marc Francoeur, GCS

Thank you to our members for their patience during the aeration process. The greens responded well; they are completely healed in, putting true and receiving balls (the balls are staying on the green now)! The bare areas on No. 15 green are gone now and the ones on No. 16 are filling in. Looks like the drainage project we completed on No. 10 fairway has done its job and dried and greened up the area.

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about our overseed at SunBird; I have started the process of receiving quotes for our winter seed. I will be seeding the greens this year with a different variety of grass; in the past years we’ve been using Bentgrass; this fall we’ll be using Poa Trivialis (rough bluegrass). You may be asking yourself why is Marc changing from Bent to Poa; there are many reasons why the change; I will list off a couple. Poa Triv has a week shorter germination rate vs Bentgrass, 14 days for the Poa Triv, and 21 days for the Bentgrass and Poa Triv transitions much better in the spring, meaning it doesn’t handle the temps above 90 very well and this will allow our Bermuda grass in the greens to take over earlier and start growing without any competition. Please feel free to stop me on the golf course if you have any other questions.

Thank you,