The Remodeling Corner

Want a new kitchen by Thanksgiving?

Janet Cook

It may seem early, but August is a good time to start a kitchen remodeling project if your goal is to have a new kitchen by Thanksgiving. Determine how much you want to invest in your most used room in the house. Having an attractive and updated kitchen with ample storage will help when it comes time to sell, and in the meantime, it can give you many days to enjoy the experience of a customized kitchen with family and friends.

Start by gathering images online of how you want your kitchen to look. Some favorite sites are Houzz and Pinterest. Define how you use your kitchen, what currently isn’t working for you, and what is your must have and wish list. An experienced kitchen remodeling designer will ask questions such as will there be multiple cooks? What kind of cooking? How do you entertain? They will guide you what you can accomplish within your budget. Know that the more you change the layout configuration of the kitchen, e.g. moving the sink, moving walls, adding an island with water and electricity, the more you will need to have in the budget.

There are many award winning products now available that offer luxury for less. Induction cooktops, a modern type of rapid and even cooking that only heats the metal of the pan and not the air or surface (which keeps the kitchen cooler), is now available in a slide-in range. With 3-D printing technology, there are engineered countertops that can look like marble, but are not porous and are much harder and longer lasting than marble. There is also luxury vinyl flooring that can look like wood or stone that is much easier on the joints, with less worry about water damage. Last fall Energy Star raised its standards to gain their seal, so many refrigerators are even more efficient than before. There are many attractive choices for pull-out faucets. LED lighting has better color ranges and are better priced.

Make your kitchen a healthier space. Choose cabinets and paint that has low to no VOCs (toxic chemicals). Adequate fan ventilation is important when one is cooking at the stove and there are many efficient and quiet choices available. Ditch the microwave and have a steam oven that can warm up and cook food more nutritiously. Ovens now cook much faster and smarter, encouraging one to make a healthier meal from scratch.

Finally, consider including these items that home buyers say are a must have in their kitchen: a kitchen island with a sink and breakfast bar, a walk in pantry, a breakfast nook, a universally designed kitchen that opens up to the great room. And to really upgrade the experience of your home, add a moveable glass wall that opens up the dining area to a casual outdoor room.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling!

Janet B. Cook, CAPS, President of Cook Remodeling who is celebrating their 36th year, invites you to visit their blog on for photos and more information on award winning products, and visit their Pinterest and Houzz page for kitchen ideas.