Frequently asked questions about New Adventures

Take a class at New Adventures in Learning!

Take a class at New Adventures in Learning!

Are you interested in joining New Adventures in Learning but have some questions you would like answered? Hopefully you will have all the information you need after you read this article and you will be ready to become a member of New Adventures.

1. Can someone who has not attended college join New Adventures?

Yes. New Adventures is open to anyone interested in learning something new. A wide variety of classes are offered from science and history to languages and cultures.

2. Can I teach a course?

New Adventures is always looking for new instructors to share their knowledge with others. Some of the areas we are currently looking at are a course in sign language, elder abuse, dealing with special needs grandchildren, vision boards and many others. Your talents are always in demand.

3. Is it okay to miss a class?

You will probably want to attend every class you have signed up for but if you are unable to attend let the office know when you will not be there that day. If you discover you cannot take a class you signed up for just let the office know so they can fill your slot.

4. Is there nearby parking?

New Adventures is lucky to have a large parking lot close to the entrance and it is free of charge.

5. What are the fees for New Adventures?

New Adventures is a membership organization for which you pay a yearly fee of $50 to attend as many classes as you wish. The classes are held at the Chandler/Gilbert Community College on Riggs and Alma School and each student pays an additional $15 fee to the college for each semester they actually attend classes.

6. Is New Adventures set up for snowbirds?

New Adventures is set up for both year round residents and for snowbirds. We offer classes during three semesters – fall, spring and summer.

If you have any other questions please contact New Adventures at 480-857-5500 or stop by for a visit at 25105 South Alma School Road. A schedule of fall classes with descriptions will be posted on the New Adventures web site