The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

How does one prepare for the start of a remodeling project? Take advantage of the anticipation of the beautiful transformation by taking the time to declutter and pack items on display. Even with heavy-duty plastic barriers to close off the construction zones, dust will still be afloat and drift throughout the house, especially when running the AC. You will be thankful that you cleared surfaces, for when the home remodeling project is done, one can easily wipe surfaces and put clean items back. Even though you may be adding more storage, still take the time to ascertain what you want to keep as you pack things up. Donating what you no longer need or have not used will make for easier sight lines inside of cabinets, shelves, drawers, and the like. If you are living in the home during the remodel, some rooms will become multipurpose while others are unavailable, so clearing out the space will help free the room up for other temporary uses.

Gather lots of different size boxes, markers, masking tape, and clear bins. Pack what you use often in clear-type bins, so should you need something during the remodel, it will be easier to find. Utilize smaller boxes for fragile items or boxes sized to contain items from a specific area. Before you tape up a box and label it, take a photo of its contents to remember what was in there.

Losing the use of a kitchen can be made easier with planning ahead. There are lots of “freezer dump meals” for an Instant Pot or a crock pot. Gather recipes and spend a weekend making a grocery list, assembling the freezer bags, and labeling them, so you can have home-cooked meals, which are often healthier than going out. Plan a temporary spot for your kitchen refrigerator and where you can prep a meal. Have a set of unbreakable dishes per person and wash them in their own tub, rinse in the bathroom or laundry sink, and dry and put them away if you want to avoid using paper plates (think camping style).

If you are going to fully remodel your kitchen, you can prepare by staging two packing areas: one for all things cooking and food prep and the other for all the serving and eating. For both categories, stage for five subgroup categories: frequent use, occasional use keep in kitchen, occasional use store in pantry, give away, and discard.

If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, make sure you have space in your garage for cabinets, bathtub, and appliances that may be delivered before it is time to install. You may need to declutter the outside, too, for lumber supplies or windows as well.

Happy Home Remodeling!

Janet Cook, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, president of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 41st year), invites you to check out their website for more ideas and photos.