ACC Permits and New Homeowners

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

ACC Permits

ACC Permit Application forms can be found at the post office or on the SunBird HOA website at Click on the tab Documents and you can find it under forms. Please fill it out and attach $5 exact cash or check to the permit and put it in an envelope. You may deposit it in the black drive-up mailbox labeled HOA Drop Box located at the post office parking lot. You also can email them to me at [email protected] When approved, patrol will deliver it to your house. If you are not home, they will put it under a mat or in the door.

New Homeowners

For those new homeowners who are currently here in SunBird and have not yet completed your new homeowner information forms or have not stopped by the HOA Office to receive your SunBird ID, please do so at your earliest convenience.