The Desert Navy Club News

Richard Volpe

With the coronavirus still being a major part of our lives these days, the situation still remains pretty much the same. The best advice we can offer at present is to always be aware of your surroundings and follow all the guidelines given to us pertaining to masks, social distancing, and the 20-second hand washing suggestions for maximum protection for your safety.

It is difficult to predict when we will see this turn around, and any changes should be closely followed as best you can via the local and national media reporting. Our next scheduled meeting is in October at this time, and any changes to that will be passed on to all the club membership in an appropriate and timely manner.

For the interest of all, our staff has reached an agreement with IHOP, a restaurant located off Arizona Avenue, to reserve a special area for both the Desert Navy and the Korean War Veterans for a weekly lunch at their facility. It is a room used for special group events and is well isolated from the main restaurant area for social distancing considerations. The restaurant is IHOP, located on Arizona Avenue just north of The Home Depot. Lunch is scheduled for 2 p.m. on each Tuesday of the month and is a nice way to catch up on things locally if you choose to participate. Any questions on any of the above can be channeled to either Rich Volpe at 480-802-2532 or Leon “Skip” Johnson at 970-481-3005.