The Desert Navy Club

Richard Volpe

Although we were able to see some relaxing steps being taken regarding the spreading of the coronavirus, there still is a lack of comfort that this has run its course, and any indication that an acceptable solution can be visualized in the immediate future is unavailable. Based on this, the leaders of the Desert Navy have made a decision to cancel all planned activities up through the end of this year. In the event there are any changes regarding this, all club members will be made aware of this via the normal means of communications already in place.

November is typically a busy month here in the Sun Lakes area, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, which attracts many visitors into the area, whether it’s for family get-togethers or just the enjoyment of our fine weather and many attractions. During this period, our area comes to life with all the holiday celebrations and the many festive decorations that take us right up to the new year. There’s plenty of time to enjoy all of this in a safe manner and, hopefully, as we approach the new year, things will change for the better for all of us. We suggest you keep your local publications handy to best know what’s taking place throughout these busy months.

As mentioned previously, several members of the Desert Navy and the Korean War Veterans do get together weekly at one of the local restaurants. Anyone associated with either one of the clubs is always welcome. If interested, please call Rich Volpe at 480-802-2532, or Leon “Skip” Johnson at 970-481-3005, for additional details regarding times and locations.