The Computer Booters … Reboot!

Helen Seaton, Publicity Director

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has to make a lot of changes in their lives. We’re staying home, missing our club meetings and friends, and needing a lot more hugs. We’ve had to learn how to breathe through a mask—something that isn’t easy, because sometimes it fogs up our glasses.

Just before the pandemic hit, the Computer Booters announced they were transitioning to a year-round schedule. General meetings and newsletters will continue during the summer. The transition resulted in virtual monthly general meetings, the first of which was June 17. Masks not required. Several members logged on via Zoom, and it went very well. There was a short learning curve, but everyone caught up quickly. Rob Truman, webmaster, reviewed updates and changes to the website and answered several questions. Patricia Hill, vice president, discussed the new and upcoming changes to the club. In addition to virtual workshops, we will reinstate face-to-face workshops when restrictions are lifted.

The Computer Booters reached an agreement with Microsoft to provide virtual workshops just for our members—a great new member benefit! There are several topics available with two unique topics discussed in June, each one conducted on different days and times. The July schedule will be published in our newsletter and on the website. We see this as an ongoing benefit, as the store is currently closed with no reopening date available.

We wish all our members well and hope they stay safe and healthy.