Pickleball News

Christina Riley

Yay! The courts are open, and the temps are high!

Hours: Look for pickleball summer hours via email and in the glass case. Please utilize Signup Genius to ensure there are enough to play.

Sanitizing: Bring your own sanitizer and sanitize hands, balls, and paddles after each game; social distance when not playing, and stay home when not feeling well.

Hydration: We all need to be reminded to stay hydrated … when you are planning to play, start hydration the afternoon/evening before for morning play and all day before evening play. Consider electrolyte/potassium/magnesium-enhanced beverages such as Gatorade, Powerade Zero, Nuun, and Body Armor and leg cramp pills. Other options include pickle juice and a shot of mustard.

New to SunBird? If you are a new resident and you want to be added to the email distribution for summer, please contact [email protected]. Stay safe and have fun! 🙂