HOA Board Notes

Nancy Eckstein, HOA Board President

Normally, the board of directors do not meet during June, July, and August. However, we decided to hold a business meeting on June 8 to update homeowners on what had been happening during the COVID-19 shutdown. The board had met many times with Layne since mid-March to discuss and make emergency, necessary decisions. We kept the recommended social distancing by having the chairs spread around the room.

Board member Tammy Bachofner had resigned as director and treasurer of the board and moved to Texas. A notice of the board vacancy published in the SunBird News and SunBird E-blasts resulted in four homeowners sending in their letter of intent. Nancy Eckstein, board president, thanked them for their interest in serving our community. The board of directors met to review and discuss each of these candidates and appointed Jim Anderson to fill the vacancy. Jim will also serve as treasurer until the end of this year.

Layne gave a detailed report on how he and his team have been following the CDC guidelines concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. He reviewed the many changes made regarding the clubhouse and facilities, such installing hand sanitizing stations, setting new occupancy social distancing limits, hiring additional custodial staff to continually disinfect equipment and high traffic areas, to name a few. He thanked everyone for their cooperation during this epidemic.

Members were appointed to the Election Committee. Thank you to Barb Ott, Pat McGonegle, Juanita Harbut, and Joan Bruening for agreeing to serve on this committee.

Dennis Foote and Greg Libby were appointed to serve on the ACC Committee.

Finding parking spots around the clubhouse has always been a challenge. Dave Meyers, a SunBird homeowner, proposed a project to increase golf cart parking in the area just west of the current “horseshoe” parking area. The proposed cost of this parking expansion project is approximately $15,000. The HOA will contribute $1,756 to this project to cover the portion of the project on HOA property, and the balance will be funded by donations.

Layne discussed the viability of food service operations in the ballroom moving forward. The Horizon Room at this time no longer has the staff needed to host large evening catered events in the ballroom. Clubs/residents would be allowed to hire a certified licensed caterer to serve food in the ballroom. The caterer or homeowners involved would not be allowed to use the ballroom kitchen facilities, and the bar would be operated exclusively by the SunBird Food and Beverage Department. The club would decide who provides the set-up and tear-down of the event, as well as the tableware. SunBird staff will not be allowed to serve food. When the final details are decided upon, clubs with scheduled dinner banquets or nighttime catering events will be notified so they can revise their plans for the upcoming season.

Layne discussed the Budget Process for 2021 and would like to add the following two items to the budget for 2021: 1) improve janitorial service by adding a second employee to clean in the afternoon and evenings, seven days a week, and 2) establish a more aggressive stance to fund the emergency/contingency fund. The board agreed that we do not want to touch the Reserve Fund.

This has been a very unique past several months navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. The board of directors is committed to following the orders of the Arizona State Governor and CDC and to do what is possible within those guidelines to keep SunBird a great place to live. It is our wish that everyone stays safe and healthy.