Thank You, Friends

Maria Prunty

Thanks to all my SunBird neighbors and friends for everything they did for me while I was sick. SunBird is a great place to live and having friends that help you close by.

Growing older into our “senior years” is not for “sissies.” How often I heard that saying when I was living among you at SunBird. I must say and firmly believe that living in the SunBird Community does help greatly. Why? It is because of all of you living in the SunBird Community.

SunBird, over the years, has proven that there is still a wonderful life out there. That is because of our love for life and the people we live among. The getting to know your neighbors, the activities to keep us moving and active. Most importantly, people, you, who communicate, listen and help your neighbors. You make SunBird what it is today.

I’ve lost many good friends over the years. Yes, I have made many more as time went on. Even some friends whom I was not truly aware of. We are a community of people helping and sharing with each other. Looking out for each other. This is SunBird.

God put us here on this earth. Yes, I believe he wants us to be there for each other, help each other, acknowledge each other. Be kind, don’t judge, but be open and ready to help and listen when and where needed. This is SunBird.

The perfect place, the perfect people brought together at the needed and perfect time of our lives. In other words, SunBird, is in your hands, so to speak; take care of the place and the people where you call home.

Thank you all for the wonderful things you have said about me and the wonderful life and memories you have given me and helped me to create for myself and for all the love you have shown me.

Thank you, Kare Bears, for the fantastic, loving send-off you honored me with. I will never forget that day. Thank you.

Pat, for the wonderful words. I truly hope I lived up to what you said.

To ALL – Live, Love, Laugh and care for each other. Most of all, respect each other. Have a wonderful life, and thank God you found SunBird in your senior years. Why? Because “Growing old is not for Sissies.”

Love, Bunny