Take the SunBird fitness challenge

Mary Sullivan

As usual, we are enjoying fantastic weather at SunBird. We are truly fortunate to have mostly sunny weather! This year we are having the first SunBird fitness challenge starting in April. Everyone in the community who is interested will be given a sheet with instructions to measure distance, time and miles. There will be three winners at the party at the end of May. For those of you who are just here as snowbirds we will be starting this fitness program next year in the middle of January 2017. To get information and to be a part of the program we will be having a meeting on Friday, April 2 at 9.05 a.m. in the Ballroom. We will learn more about how this exciting new program works. You will be responsible for monitoring your hours and activities for the months of April and May.

All scheduled and outdoor activities will be counted in different ways; for example, you get points for yoga, Tai Chi, line dancing, water aerobics, Total Body Tabata and Zumba Gold. You can also count walking, hiking and weight training. Remember to seize the day.