Take a class with Judee!

Life hiccups, schedule changes and snowbirds leaving certainly have changed the numbers of current dancers. In order to keep them on track to learning new more difficult dances, it would be beneficial to a new dancer to register now for the Ultra Basic class restarting in September on Mondays at noon for $2 in the SunBird Ballroom. After experiencing a big number of new dancers in January plus returning dancers, I’ve learned that early registrations will help me to know how many new dancers I can register. If you are an experienced line dancer you should call now also regarding existing classes on Mondays. Why not register now by calling 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. or as soon as you know you want to dance with us?

The dancers who attended Sunday’s March 6 dance had a wonderful time. There were an equal number of dancers who couldn’t attend that day i.e. illnesses, company, etc. We danced the full agenda except for one dance. Not bad, considering I gave at least a two wall walkthrough, sometimes more, before we danced every dance. This gave the dancers in Ultra Basics and Basics an opportunity to listen to the repeating patterns they know applied to the Beyond Basics’ more difficult dances. The words were the same, only in different places and mostly syncopated i.e. “a rocking chair is a rocking chair” except for the count in harder dances.

Line dancing does not require a partner, but we certainly appreciate the men who have joined us. I definitely believe now the shirts I saw at an event I attended years ago, “Real Men Line Dance.”

Line dancing not only gives our bodies exercise, it is a learned activity and so beneficial to our minds. It has been known through studies line dancing “eases levels of depression and in some cases staves off early signs of Alzheimer’s.” Yes, there is learning and a certain amount of commitment in order to be successful at line dancing. It certainly validates the time and effort I give to teaching and a huge reward when I see dancers learning what I teach. It’s even better when you see the dancers clapping, giving high-fives, laughing and having fun! I truly believe if line dancing “didn’t need directions or no need to know count or no need to move to the beat of the dance and music” there would be no need for a teacher. Call me crazy, but I love to know there are directions to learn steps, patterns and dances. I learn something new in every class I teach i.e. a better way to do a move so as not to hurt; placing your feet in a better way to allow for a smooth move to the next step or pattern; when to cue and not to cue when the dancers know the dance; a better set of words to use when giving directions on a new pattern; and using different music for the same dance so dancers can use this knowledge and not be locked into a certain song. This makes them better dancers! Yay!

Come join us and escape this crazy world. God bless line dancing.