Surprise birthday party for Kare Bear volunteer

More than two dozen people surprised Liz Pendry with a birthday party in her honor on August 29!

More than two dozen people surprised Liz Pendry with a birthday party in her honor on August 29!

Shirley Jackson

More than two dozen people met in the Horizon Room Restaurant on Friday, August 29, lying in wait to surprise a favorite friend and loyal Kare Bear member, Liz Pendry. And, when she walked in and saw that large table of friends, she was surprised and very pleased. It isn’t easy pulling off a surprise birthday party, but that is exactly what happened.

Liz has been a resident of SunBird for a number of years and a loyal Kare Bear almost as long. She is one of many faithful volunteers and her contribution is bringing a Kare Bear cup filled with candy and flowers to someone in SunBird who is recently home from the hospital and showing them we care.

Kare Bears will open their winter meeting on Wednesday, October 15 at 1:00 p.m. in the SunBird Ballroom. We look forward to seeing our friends and renewing our friendships. If you are a new resident in SunBird, please attend this meeting and get the necessary information for joining. The dues are $5 and we meet every month on the third Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Refreshments are served and a speaker appears at most of the meetings. One of our speakers will come from Firehouse No. 10; we deliver Toys for Tots to them for distribution each December. These firemen are dedicated to SunBird residents.

Our SunBird Kare Bears Board is comprised of Sherry Fann, Nancy Manning, Larie Thibeault, Barb Dunbar and Bunny Bottorff. Sherry Fann is President, Barb Dunbar is Vice President, Tina Verdooren is Treasurer and Shirley Jackson is Secretary. You may contact any one of these officers for more information. There is also a Kare Bears handout in the Clubhouse lobby.

It is the goal of Kare Bears to collect funds in various fundraisers during the winter months; and in March, the membership decides who will receive these funds. Previous organizations include SunBird Garden Club, our HOA, Clothes Cabin, Toys for Tots, Neighbors Who Care, Hospice of the Valley, St. Vincent DePaul, Hamilton Leo, My Sister’s Place and Chandler Lions Club, among others. We provide desserts and drinks for memorials, our members volunteer in setting up these memorials, service and cleanup at the end. Kare Bears is an industrious organization and with many members, we can pass around the workload of any fundraiser so no one person is carrying a heavy load. We have four Kare Bear Faires in the SunBird Ballroom from 8:00 a.m.-noon on the first Saturday of November, December, February and March. Ruth Jon Wick has been successful in having several vendors bring their wares to these faires. Kare Bears provides a white elephant table with bargains galore. And, Kare Bears has coffee and rolls available and a seating area where you can snack and visit with your friends.

We have an experienced and energetic Board for Kare Bears. Join us for the membership meeting in October and visit with your neighbors. We will have yummy refreshments. If you are unable to make the October meeting, come to a later meeting; we will still have yummy refreshments! Come and get acquainted; we want you!