Footnotes from the Library

Lois Anderson

Our SunBird Library offers a wealth of amazing materials. Just visit the last row of shelves (the ones at the east end) to realize what I mean. This is where we keep the reference materials, the how to fix, clean, build, repair or grow just about anything. We have dictionaries and more. Some will help you with crossword puzzles or your Spanish; there is even a Reverse Dictionary (whatever that means).

A few folks have found our Health and Wellness Section. There are books devoted to helping you understand all those crazy syndrome names and all that other stuff that doctors talk about. Many of us are developing diabetes, heart problems or excess weight so we have many books that can help you discover how to control and live with these old age maladies.

Many of us no longer labor over big meals in our kitchens but occasionally it is interesting to learn a new technique or try a recipe that will fit into a new and improved diet for our health’s sake. We have some cookbooks that are just interesting to page through. The pictures alone may send one into a sugary high but one can still dream if unable to partake.

If you have extra time to fill, how about learning to make frames for all the pictures you have painted or stitched? We have some Reader’s Digest books that explain each step and provide pictures as well. Learning a new skill helps your brain and might help you save a few dollars. Next time look over the fix-it books before calling a repairman. At least you can talk their language even if you are not able to do the repair yourself.

Perhaps a pet reference book can help you discover the distinct traits of a breed or why your friend seems to ignore you. Some folks discover that pets are like people and have very distinct personalities and like people must learn manners. Often times it is just a matter of the proper technique to learn to agree with each other. Being “top dog” is more pleasant than being pulled around when out on a walk.

Last, but not least, we have an extensive travel section. Maps, books and other items that may help you plan your next adventure. Some of our reference materials need to be used at the library but there are many you can take home to read at your leisure. However you enjoy the items in SunBird’s Library, we hope you remember to return them as quickly as possible so others may enjoy them also.