Super Fruit Crop for SunBird Residents

Bill Ley (photo by Bonnie Marcus)

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

The volunteer Fruit Pickers picked their final trees at the end of April. They picked fruit for three months this year. We had started with 19 volunteers, but occasionally a few more people would show up and help out. They consisted of two teams going out every Tuesday morning, weather permitting. It seemed it rained every Tuesday at the beginning of picking season.

They would return to the clubhouse with all the fruit, and homeowners would be there waiting to receive some fruit. It would usually be gone in a few days. They would also come back with battle scars and torn shirts. It is very important that if you would like your fruit picked next year, you must have your trees trimmed and thinned out from dead and old branches.

Here are a few fun facts:

They picked 168 trees: 69 orange trees, 52 grapefruit trees, 37 lemon trees, 8 tangerine trees, 1 limon tree, and 1 fruit salad tree

Yes, one fruit salad tree, which I had not heard of. I had to go look at it. It actually had three different kinds of fruit on it.

A big thank you again, team, for a job well done.