SunBird Town Hall Meeting Notes

Layne Varney

Approximately 500 homeowners attended the HOA/Golf Club Town Hall Meeting held on Jan. 28. What a great turnout!

Presidents Nancy Eckstein of the HOA Board of Directors and Gary Popelka of the Golf Club Board welcomed everyone. The purpose of the meeting was stated, followed by Layne Varney giving the history of the HOA and Gary Whistler giving the history of the Golf Club. Both presenters also talked about what the future may bring to each of their organizations.

Homeowners had the opportunity to submit written questions relating to either or both organizations regarding the meeting. The questions submitted were categorized by the HOA/Golf Club Committee and presented at the Feb. 11 Town Hall Meeting.

At the time of submitting this article, this second Town Hall Meeting had not taken place. A summary of these meeting notes will be published on the SunBird website and SunBird News. We appreciate your comments, questions, and especially your interest in SunBird. Further information will be forthcoming.