SunBird Lady Niners News

Emily Hardy

Golf is one of the most popular and widely-played sports in the world. The SunBird Ladies Niners have spiced up the golf game. Fun games and social interaction prevail, and the bonus might be a birdie pin or cookies. Even though golf is inherently an individual sport, there is something magical that happens when you form a team. The ladies always look forward to their biweekly team games. Put a little cash on the line, and the challenge begins. Come join our wonderful group of ladies. We guarantee you will enjoy the time with us.

A fun day coming up in March is Gals and Pals day. On this day, Niners members invite non-members to play with them for a special game. Experience in golf is so rewarding when you collect the prize. We are also having a home and home visit to the Sun Lakes Niners this season. Feel free to ask any Niners member about joining, and you will be able to play with the Niners three times without committing. Socializing and enjoying golf is the object.